Marketing Your Business

There are many variations of marketing plans, but one important plan to have is preparing for the next calendar year. To be visible today, you must have content to help you connect with the market that you desire to have.

You Must:
• Identify why you do what you do and your target market (who or what type of photography you like and how do I connect with them)
• Review your business: What is working and not working for you and your photography company.  Are you setting realistic goals?
• Use marketing tools that are relatively inexpensive: Do you have a website? Have you updated your website?
• Create a year-long marketing plan with low/no-cost, quick, easy tasks and projects.
• Are you using social media to your advantage? Or are you just posting and hoping (or not)?
• Write out all the various holidays, special events, your custom sessions that you want to promote and design your own custom marketing & social media calendar (in .ics format for iCal or Google Calendar, Excel, airtable) with a year’s worth of actionable content

Here are just some calendar items you can prepare for:

National Holidays

Mini Sessions

Head Shot Sessions


Cyber Monday

Santa Portraits

Holiday Minis

So, before these special days approach you, start planning for that specific shoot. Find the props, location, themes, solicit the proper assistance, post about your sessions at least a month to 2 months ahead of time in order to give your clients time to react, and plan for your session.