Go Click!

Build Your Portfolio with Ease

Go Click! Workshops are hosted by Full Time photographer Toni Shaw. The workshops are PORTFOLIO BUILDING WORKSHOPS, which means each attendee gets to use all the images they create for their own portfolios to grow their business! There is no easier way to expand your knowledge of photography, your portfolio, and gain hands-on experience all at once!

When photographers first begin, they are faced with numerous obstacles. We’re neither hesitant to approach total strangers to use as subjects or “models” for our vision, or we lack the capacity to have someone take the time to let us partner with them or coach us during an actual photo session.

Paid Models will be on-site! // Snacks and Drinks are included.

Go Click! Workshops are designed with you and your portfolio in mind. Sessions vary throughout the year in order to provide you versatility to your portfolio. 

I will work with you to provide any tips, answer any questions that you may have.