20 Things photographers can do at home

During this stressful time, many photographers are trying to figure out what should do in order to cope with the national pandemic crisis we are facing today. Here's a list of the top 20 things you can do to help you and your business while awaiting this all to pass. 

  1. Review and update or get a website
  2. Update or create contracts
  3. Learn to create your own actions in photoshop
  4. Watch training videos
  5. Improve or create your workflow
  6. Review your pricing, study
  7. Improve your IPS skills
  8. Clean the house or apartment
  9. Document all of your equipment for insurance
  10. Create an email list for marketing
  11. Study other artists
  12. Learn about color theory
  13. Learn about composition
  14. Learn how to composite
  15. Learn the Exposure Triangle
  16. Create an age appropriate play lists
  17. Listen to Podcasts
  18. Clean your equipment
  19. Practice Lighting
  20. Prepare Marketing plan for 2021